Quest For Knowledge, Thirst For Adventure.
We specialize in remote underwater and topside locations and logistics. Our expertise as an expedition company includes pioneering heli diving in Papua New Guinea, the Arctic Polar regions, The Brazilian Amazon rainforest,  Great White sharks in South Africa, the Caribbean, Cuba and robotic AUV and ROV expeditions. 

Mad Dog Expeditions is a boutique consulting company of adventure and exploration professionals who plan, prepare and execute expeditions for private and corporate clients throughout the world. Our destinations offer as much to see underwater as above water. We can't always promise 5 star luxuries, but we do promise 5 star adventure.  

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go."  T.S.Eliot

Celebrate Exploring Women

Bubble Travel 

In the post COVID era, Bubble Travel is the new boutique experience.

In 1994 a small group of elite expedition professionals began traveling the world in search of adventure with Mad Dog Expeditions. As a pioneer in the world of extreme adventure diving expeditions, we set a standard for boutique adrenaline experiences above and below the water. We see “Bubble Travel “ as a new trend which will include families, friends and work colleagues that know each other and have a shared interest in the type of travel they want to experience.